CANCELLED: Corey Alexander & Friends, Saturday, December 12th

CANCELLED:  This show has been cancelled. In a world where comedy is king, we, The Laughing Barrel, bring both before and unto you the funnybone tickling super-geniosity of Corey Alexander, Lamar Todd, and Mathew Tsang.  Prepare yourself because Saturday, December 12th, 2015, will never be the same again. BIO: Corey is … Continue reading

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SOLD OUT: James Royale and Friends, Saturday, November 14th

You want the funny.  And you want it bad.  So, who ya gonna call?  The Laughing Barrell, of course.  On Saturday, November 14th, we bring unto you James Royale (Orange is the New Black), Erik Terrell, and Ed McGonigal.  This show will have you cyanotic with laughter.  Get your tickets NOW! … Continue reading

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Alan Marx and Friends, Saturday, September 12th

This be a show you do not want to miss.  Back by popular demand we have one of the finest funnymen of the century, Alan Marx.  He will be performing live of your rib tickling pleasure along with LaTice Klapa, and the hostess with the mostest Theresa Hummel-Krallinger.  So prep for … Continue reading

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Mike Eagan & Friends, Saturday, August 8th

On Saturday, August 8th, we, The Laughing Barrel, have a show that will make y’all laughy laughy.  Get in your vehicle and brave the mighty Lansdale to see Mike Eagan, Dan Lamorte, and Karen Faye.  This show will make you laugh until you guffaw.  You will love these comics. About Mike … Continue reading

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Ryan Hill & Friends, Saturday, June 13th

Saturday, June 13th, we here at The Laughing Barrel shall give unto you the hilarity that is Ryan Hill, Sidney Gantt and Erik Terrell. An evening of raucous laughter and buffoonish guffaws unlike any other evening of raucous laughter and buffoonish guffaws. From the Bio of Ryan Hill: Ryan Hill is a 8-year … Continue reading

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SOLD OUT: Coleman Green & Friends, Saturday, April 11th

We have a great show lined up for you laughter crazed patrons.  Saturday, April 11th, we bring unto you the guffaw inducing talents of Coleman Green, Tommy Highland, and Katrina Braxton.  We highly advise getting your tickets now as the show is already half sold out. Coleman Green:  Follow Coleman’s … Continue reading

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Laughing Barrel Two Year Anniversary with Corey Alexander & Friends, Saturday, March 14th

All right, fruit loops, this is a really special show we got going for you this month.  Not only is it the two year anniversary of The Laughing Barrel, but we have Corey Alexander gracing our stage with some of the funniest comedy to take in the Northern Hemisphere. And … Continue reading

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