Jared Bilski & Friends, Saturday, October 24th

Prepare to be pummeled with the funny when Jared Bilski, Benny Michael Fox and Jeff Soles take the Laughing Barrel stage this month.  These guys are so funny they’ll make you wanna jump up and slap yo mamma. Jared in his own words:  I drink a whole lot of coffee and, because … Continue reading

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James Royale & Friends, Saturday, November 8th

November is your chance to see James Royale, Sergio Santana and Oliver Yu … three fantabulous performers all under one winery roof.  Plus complimentary light fare for your full enjoyment. James Royale is a hilarious entertainer that forces the audience to “think through  laughter.” Having the rare ability to bring any subject … Continue reading

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Mike Rainey’s Book Terrible Advice: A Self-Help Book That Offers No Help Whatsoever on Amazon

Our July 12th show is coming up rather fast.  You may want to prep yourself for the comedic genius that is Mike Rainey by reading his book.  If you crave true self help, this book just might end it for you.  But if you have a sense of humor and love to … Continue reading

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Tim Grill’s CD Born Ass Backwards Out Now on iTunes and Amazon

You have seen him perform here at The Laughing Barrel (headlined our June show).  Now take him home and have your way with him.  Tim Grill’s CD Born Ass Backwards is now available on iTunes and Amazon.  This CD is a must have for any comedy connoisseur.  Even if you … Continue reading

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Get to Know Your Comics … Jeff Soles

Jeff Soles has been performing stand up comedy in Philly, NJ and NYC since January of 2004. Jeff has been featured on Comcast, and has opened for Todd Glass, Bob Nelson and Leon Redbone. Jeff won the Sarcasm Comedy Club competition in September of 2013 and is opening for Gilbert … Continue reading

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Get to Know Your Comics … Theresa Hummel-Krallinger

Describing her childhood as a cross between “All in the Family” and “Lord of the Dance,” Theresa taps into her crazy Irish-Catholic upbringing to develop her comedy material. Zany characters such as “Gay Amish Man,” “Sister Mary Bludgeon,” and the “Q-Mart Lady” are sprinkled throughout her routine. Theresa has performed … Continue reading

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Get to Know Your Comics … Matty Whipple

Matty Whipple has pretty much performed all over the world, pretty much.  Want to learn about Matty?  Keep reading. Matty Whipple began his career as a strolling magician in night clubs and restaurants in Seattle. Deciding to focus more on his comedy, Matty moved to the east coast where his … Continue reading

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